Océane Bidault – EU Digital Marketing Coordinator – Waterlogic

Nicole van Gool – Culicool
29 oktober 2018
Susana Romo Garcia – In Balans Totaal
29 januari 2019

I was looking for a native Dutch content writer to create bespoke articles for our website that would be backed up with credible sources. A good understanding of Dutch culture was paramount. I also needed someone who could understand the brief but also feel confident enough as to take initiatives and use the brief as a direction and not the rule, unless specified so. Since we work together with Joris we’ve been able to publish quality content on our website and acquired articles in a reasonable amount of time when required. One of the biggest benefits is the quality of the writing. Other benefits are:

  1. Ability to take initiatives
  2. Thinking outside the box
  3. Good communication skills

I would definitely recommend Joris. Thank you for your work!